Olymp Trade Ghana 2024

    Present in several countries across 4 continents, OlympTrade is an award-winning fixed time trading broker popularly deemed as one of the best in the industry, as a result of the vast array of beneficial services that it makes available to clients that trade on its platform.

    With OlympTrade, you can participate in the most liquid financial markets in the world, and with the ability to make good profits from these markets. You can speculate on the directions of forex, commodities, stock indices, crypto coins and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

    As already mentioned earlier, OlympTrade is present in several countries of the world, except those whose governments have placed a ban on the binary options trading Ghana on fixed term trades, as a financial derivatives instrument.

    Olymp Trade Review Ghana

    There are a number of ways to participate in and profit from global financial markets – the stock, binary options cryptocurrency Ghana, commodities, ETFs and indices markets. But most of them are not accessible to retail traders like us. Even though increasing technology breakthroughs are making it quite easy for us to participate in stock markets like that of the USA, the accessibility problem is still there. For instance, it is quite expensive if not impossible to purchase stocks like those of Amazon Inc, which is currently trading around $2,000 per share.

    However, as technology advances, the barriers that existed in the past are being dismantled, giving retail traders access to almost any market whatsoever. In fact, this time around, you don’t need to own the actual financial asset, all you are interested in is the price movement of such assets to bag profits, all over the internet. This is done through derivatives trading. One of such popular derivatives is fixed-term trades.

    Trading fixed-term trades has gradually become one of the most profitable means to make money online. It involves speculating on the directional movements of prices of financial instruments such as stocks, currencies, commodities, indices and others. As such, through fixed-term trades, you can bet on the upward or downward movements of these instruments, from anywhere in the world, all over the internet.

    Fixed-term trades offer ample profit-making opportunities, but we must also note that it can be very risky as you may lose all your capital, due to never-ending volatility. However, if you learn the game well and apply proper risk management, you can emerge quite profitable.

    To be able to make trades, you need a fixed term trading broker, who will provide you with a platform to make trades. However due to the fact that in fixed-term trading you deal with all brokers online and never get to meet physically, you have to take extra care. For one, there are a number of scams in the name of brokers.

    Furthermore, some “real” brokers provide sub-optimal services to traders who use their platforms. These and others, are reasons why you should carefully select a reliable broker. One of such reliable, tested and trusted brokers is OlympTrade. If interested in auto trading, read more on yon binary options robot Ghana or cryptocurrency trading bot Ghana.

    OlympTrade Login

    Before you talk about login, you must first have registered with OlympTrade to get your account opened.

    If it is a demo account, it is quite straightforward; in fact, you really do not need to undergo any complex registration process. However, things start to get complicated when talking about the live account. The following steps should help:

    1. Go to the Olymp Trade platform
    2. Click “Start Trading”
    3. Follow the account setup instructions. Provide your email and phone number. This is required for account verification and security. Specify a password as well. Pick your trading account currency (U.S. Dollars or Euros)
    4. Deposit using any of Bank cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency
    5. Withdrawals are made to the same account.

    Select “Live Account” or “Demo Account”. Then you can begin Trading. After registration, then we can talk about login. This is quite simple. You enter your username and password. In fact, most web browsers store your login data by default. Same thing for binary trading mobile Ghana apps. In case you are logging in from a new device or new location, you need to enter a verification code. Such code is texted to the provided phone number. Enter the verification code and you are up and running.

    Olymp Trade Demo Account in Ghana

    OlympTrade provides you with a $10,000 replenishable demo account with which you can use to do practice trading. Apart from the demo account that is freely available for everyone when you sign up, if you wish to open a live account with OlympTrade in Indonesia, there are 3 types of accounts available for you to choose from. These accounts are termed “statuses.”

    The status or category you belong to, entirely depends on the amount of capital you deposit into your trading account with OlympTrade Indonesia, each coming with its own perks. Below is a summary of all available account types:

    1) Starter Status
    The Starter Status account is the most basic type of account and becomes available when you deposit the minimum allowable balance of $10. The maximum payout rate for a winning trade is 82%.

    2) Advanced Status
    You need to deposit a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,999 to clinch the advanced status. Perks that are attached to this status include an increase of payout rate for successful trades to 84%; the ability to open up to 20 trade positions at the same time; access to consultation with a personal analyst, once every month; 7 already built-in trading strategies, and access to webinars and educational resources.

    3) Expert Status
    To be a part of this, you need a deposit of at least $2,000, and the benefits that come with this include the increase of payout rate on winning trades to 92%; ability to open up to 30 positions; regular one-on-one training and access to a dedicated personal analyst; 15 trading strategies already built-in; daily exclusive trading ideas, amongst others.

    You can however upgrade from your current status to a higher one if you earn enough experience points (XP), which you will be given when you make trades in a live account.

    Olymp Trade Minimum Deposit in Ghana

    OlympTrade deposit channels include:

    • Credit and debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard
    • Cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin)
    • Electronic wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, and FasaPay

    Presently, Olymp Trade has a required minimum deposit of just $10. Also, you can make a minimum investment of $1 on your account via the broker’s platform.

    OlympTrade Withdrawal Ghana

    Olymp Trade offers credit/debit card, online payment systems like Skrill and bank transfers as their main payment options It’s worth noting that Olymp Trade only allows you to withdraw funds to the payment system you used to deposit money. The minimum you can withdraw from your Olymp Trade account is $10. Withdrawals will not attract any fees.

    However, you should remember that third-party payment processors usually deduct processing and currency conversion fees. As such, in most cases you’ll find that the amount you receive in your account is less than the amount you withdrew from your trading account.

    Withdrawal is subject to certain conditions as explained by the following:

    – Customers are advised to verify their identities within a few days of registration and before depositing money.

    – The wagering requirements must be met, if the trader accepts to receive the trading bonus. The wagering requirements are set at x30 the bonus amount.

    – If these conditions are not met, then the withdrawal of the bonus funds will not be allowed. However, both of the reasons for cancelling a withdrawal mentioned above are the same with all binary options brokers Ghana and in the world. Because of regulations, you are required to verify your identity with ALL brokers. In case you face the same problems, then it’s highly recommended to coordinate with Customer Support.

    Olymp Trade says that 90% of withdrawal requests are processed within 24 to 48 hours. However, it might take up to 5 working days for a withdrawal to be processed.  It’s also worth noting that VIP account holders get priority processing meaning their withdrawal requests are processed faster than other account holders.

    Processing time, however, isn’t the same as the time it will take for your money to reflect in your account. In many instances, it will take slightly longer for your funds to reflect in your account.This is certainly the case when making your withdrawal using wire transfer. It’s therefore important that you carefully consider your preferred payment method when opening a real account.

    Is OlympTrade Legit in Ghana

    It is perfectly legal to trade Digital Options and Forex in Ghana. The Forex and Options market in Ghana has grown over the past few years, attracting more retail brokers and Olymp Trade is one of them.

    The company which is managed by Smartex International Ltd has been around for half a decade now. To show that it is safe for investors, Olymp Trade is regulated by the International Financial Commission (IFC). The compensation funds which covers the traders is one of the most significant advantages of the platform.

    Is OlympTrade a Scam?

    Based on the assessment of the services and business practices, we can say that Olymptrade is not a scam. If indeed this was scamming company, then the most established and experienced traders would have left the platform. Also, they could have left the most painful negative reviews for the trading platform.

    Based on available evidence and details, it seems that this trading platform offers a legitimate trading opportunity. The website offers transparency, and interested customers and traders can easily know and verify the services, starting from money management to order placement.

    However there are a number of negative reviews here and there. One of them is that Customers cannot withdraw their money. Some notable brokers that accept Ghanaians include IQ Option GhanaOlymp Trade GhanaDeriv.com GhanaBinary.com Ghana, amongst others.